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Advisory for a Better Climate

Are you struggling with the diversity of climate policies in the various locations of your company? Does your installation need to comply with the EU energy efficiency Directive, the EU or the Swiss Emissions trading scheme? Or do you work for a governmental institution planning to implement a climate policy instrument? Then, First Climate’s advisory team is your partner of choice!

We have a thorough understanding of climate policy-making processes, emissions trading schemes and their underlying drivers. With our transparent approach to the contents and pricing of our services, we aim at trustful long-term customer relationships which bring the most value to you, the client. We also strive to be fast, easy and fun to work with.

Along with many others, the following organisations have trusted us as a provider of high-quality analytics and advisory services: Commerzbank, Finnish Ministry of Labour and the Economy , Kozienice (third-largest power producer in Poland), Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, Syngenta, United Nations Environment Programme, Asian Development Bank, and the World Bank.

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